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What I see becomes a sort of visual illumination, like a match struck unexpectedly in the dark, a gift, lighting my path into wonder -Virginia Woolf

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Orienteering Homer Watson’s painting sites 6

Sandhill, Oregon Hill, Pinnacle Hill are names that I have found to designate the hill that is located at the corner of Homer Watson Blvd and 401 Hwy in Kitchener. There is a transmission tower located on it along with may fine homes. It is hard to get a view from the top because of the method used in the private property development. Climbing from the bottom on the east side maybe the only option to get up the hill without venturing on to private property. There is a painting of Homer’s that is from the hill looking over a pond in Doon. His view is probably north-west and there are a number of ponds that it could have been. It feels foreshortened to me and could be what used to be Mill Pond on Schneider Creek. I guess knowing which church that is in the painting would help us. The painting referenced here is in the collection of Homer Watson House and Gallery.

March 12 2015 3 pmMarch 12, 2015 3pm

Doon at Oregon HillDoon at Oregon Hill – Homer Watson
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